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Key tips for Cooking Craze Beginners – Let’s Progress with Ease

Cooking Craze, a development by Big Fish Games, is nailing the trending chart in arcade category due to some of the advanced features. It is a very well-built game that gets timely updates. That’s why the gameplay is quite addictive. The same gameplay can make you an addict and keep on playing this restaurant-based game where you have to do the cooking in a proper manner.

When you cook and sell, you earn coins and gems. After earning a pretty good amount, you are able to unlock new restaurants and enhance the overall earning, that’s why it is one of the popular games to try out. In case you are having some of the issues progressing in this game then you can focus on the below-mentioned tips –

1. Always Cooking in Advance

It is important that you start cooking in advance before having the order. In case you don’t prepare in advance, you will be playing at a slow rate, and chances of having trouble with order delivery might get you in trouble. Due to these reasons, you can start cooking in advance to earn a higher number of coins.

2. Mastering Previous Levels

In case you were playing in campaign mode and completing levels, then you can find stars on winning when you get to new levels or open a new restaurant, then you should master the early level. It will help you obtain experience. That’s why you can consider it and start mastering the previous levels to get better in this game.

3. Upgrading Food

When it comes to upgrading food, you need a proper strategy because doing it without any tactic might waste all your resources and cause several issues. You are able to enhance different ingredients and upgrade them, which will be a strategic move. Your food will be tasty and better to prefer for sure.

4. Serving Clients

You will make clients in this game, and it is important that you serve them wisely. The best option is to serve one at a time to keep on progressing at a faster rate. If you serve more than one client, you can end up messing up in the basic stuff, which might cause trouble while progressing at a faster rate, that’s why you should stay selective in approach.

5. Add Friends

In case you want more lives in the game so that you can keep on playing, then you can go after adding friends. When you connect with more people, you can take the gift, and it will be a better option to go well toward being a better gamer. So, you can easily rely on it without having any issue.


After going through all the above-mentioned tips, you are able to become a better gamer and reach on the next level with ease. Make sure that you follow all the tips wisely and do not spend real money on the purchase of virtual currency. All these methods will let you earn coins and gems with ease.